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Diehl Steel offers precision saw cutting for tool and alloy steels Tool Steel Services

Precision Saw Cutting

Precision Saw Cutting

sawcuttingWith our four in-house, state-of-the-art Vertical Plate Saws and Twelve Horizontal Saws, Diehl Steel is able to process orders to exact customer specifications. We process both large and small cutting requirements. Tolerances as close as +/- .010″ can be held for many cutting applications. Saw cut items ship in 24 to 48 hours.

Diehl Steel Hollow Bar Tool Steel Tool Steel Services

Centerless Grinding and Hollow Bar

Centerless Grinding and Hollow Bar

hollobarDiehl Steel has always processed custom centerless ground and hollow bar steel products. Non-standard sizes and special tolerances are our specialty. In today’s busy manufacturing environment tool shops and machine shops are routinely challenged with very demanding schedules and lead times. Supplying the customer a more finished product to save them valuable preparation work has become an important aspect of the Diehl Steel total commitment to quality and service. Centerless grinding and hollow bar will give that customer the competitive edge to meet the most demanding schedules.

Hollow bar can be produced to the customers exact size specifications. The required size will be machined with an oversize tolerance to finish to the specified outside diameter (OD) and machined undersize to finish to the specified inside diameter (ID). Material will also be saw-cut oversize to finish to the customer’s exact length/thickness

Diehl Express rapid turnaround service Specialty Products

Diehl Express

Diehl ExpressTM 

DSC - Diehl Express for Web

With our new Diehl Express™ service, you can get your Accu-Square tool steel shipped the same day you order it so it’s on your dock when and where you need it.  Simply place your tool steel order by 12:00 PM EST, request our Diehl Express service, and we will cut it and square it using our Accu-Square™ process, and ship it to your shop that same day.  The service is designed for up to 10 piece quantities.

By increasing our inventory of popular grades, increasing pre-cut sizes, and dedicating resources to the program, most of our current orders qualify for Diehl Express service. With Diehl Express we can be a ‘local’ resource to most any customer in the country.

Emphasis is on A-2, D-2 and 4140 P.H.T.  Other grades are available based on availability.


Diehl Steel Ready-Block EDM blank Specialty Products


Diehl Steel READY-BLOCK™ EDM Blanks

Diehl Steel Ready-Block EDM Blank

READY-BLOCKs™ are tool steel blocks that have been pre-hardened, squared and ground, so they are shipped ready-to-use for EDM. They are available in many popular tool steel grades including in-stock AISI A-2 and D-2 (RC 58-62). Each block is first precision machined to a specific thickness, width and length, within +.010”/.020” tolerance. They are then hardened and tempered to a standard hardness. A starter hole is included at the customer’s request.

READY-BLOCK™ allows toolmakers immediately to begin the wire EDM process, eliminating the need to machine and heat treat raw material.



    • Pre Heat-Treated
    • Machined to Toolmaker Tolerance
    • Available in Popular Tool Steel Grades
    • Available With or Without Starter Hole


Diehl Steel's Accu-Square high tolerance machining services Specialty Products


Diehl Steel Accu-Square™

Diehl Steel's Accu-Square high tolerance machining servicesOur CNC machining centers and grinders allow us to process pre-machined squared material. Accu-Square™ will save valuable labor time and increase productivity. Machined to your exact tolerances, material can be supplied flat, square and parallel and processed with incredible speed and accuracy.

Accu-Square™ is the future for specialty steel requirements.Benefits:

  • Close Tolerances:
  • Save valuable labor time
  • Increase productivity

Available materials:

  • Tool Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • High Speed Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Powder Metal Products
  • Stainless Steel