Diehl Steel Ready-Block EDM blank


Diehl Steel READY-BLOCK™ EDM Blanks

Diehl Steel Ready-Block EDM Blank

READY-BLOCKs™ are tool steel blocks that have been pre-hardened, squared and ground, so they are shipped ready-to-use for EDM. They are available in many popular tool steel grades including in-stock AISI A-2 and D-2 (RC 58-62). Each block is first precision machined to a specific thickness, width and length, within +.010”/.020” tolerance. They are then hardened and tempered to a standard hardness. A starter hole is included at the customer’s request.

READY-BLOCK™ allows toolmakers immediately to begin the wire EDM process, eliminating the need to machine and heat treat raw material.



    • Pre Heat-Treated
    • Machined to Toolmaker Tolerance
    • Available in Popular Tool Steel Grades
    • Available With or Without Starter Hole


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