YXR Series

YXR Series

Matrix Type High-Speed Steel

Hitachi Metals has developed a new matrix type high speed steel with high toughness and strength. The YXR Series consists of three different grades:

  • YXR3: Tool forging with superior toughness
  • YXR33: Tool forging with greatest toughness
  • YXR7: Tool forging with both superior strength and toughness

Chemical Composition

C Cr W Mo V Co
YXR3 0.6 4.3 2.9 1.8
YXR33 0.5 4.2 1.6 2.0 1.2 1.0 or less
YXR7 0.8 4.7 1.3 5.5 1.3


YXR grade steel made by Hitachi is classified uniquely as “matrix” type steel and can be applied to forging dies and stamping dies where high toughness is absolutely necessary. YXR matrix steels are used by many OEM and Tier One Automotives for stamping and forging dies where high impact toughness is needed to reduce chipping on tool surfaces. YXR matrix steel types can be easily heat treated similar to High Speed Steels and are commonly applied to gear forging, stamping dies for AHSS, progressive forging dies, and punches.


SLD-Magic: Superior Cold Work Tool Steel

An ideal metal for dies due to its easy machinability, reduced dimensional change from heat treatment,  and impressive durability and hardness characteristics, Hitachi’s exclusive SLD-Magic cold work tool steel is an exceptional choice for an array of die applications, including:

  • Bending and blanking dies for automotive parts
  • Blanking dies for electrical appliances
  • Hydroforming dies
  • Cold press dies

Product Features

  • Wear Resistance – SLD-Magic improves wear resistance by 35% compared to 8%Cr steel due to improved carbide morphology; this leads to improved workable mold life.
  • Surface Treatment – Adherence of surface treatments to SLD-Magic is improved by 30% over 8%Cr steel.
  • Heat Treatment – Deformation from heat treatment is reduced by 40% when compared to 8%Cr steel.
  • Machinability – Machinability is increased by 35% over 8%Cr steel.



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Premium H-13 NADCA Class B

Our hot work die steel, DAC-P is most widely used as die insert material for aluminum and zinc die casting molds. With the introduction of isotropic technology, DAC-P material has become tougher with improved stability for prolonged die life. Although DAC-P material was modified from H13 grade steel, DAC-P has improved the balance of strength, toughness and heat resistance.  Read more below or inquire with the DTS team to discover which of your processes can be improved with a premium H13.


DAC-P meets the material specification of NADCA #207.  In addition, DAC-P was recently listed as provisional insert material on GM DC-9999-1 and Ford AMTD-DC2010 standards documents.


  • Good balance of both strength at elevated temperature and toughness
  • Good machinability with less deformation after heat treatment


  • General die for aluminum die casting
  • Die for zinc die casting
  • Low-pressure wheel casting
  • Forging and Extrusion

DAC-P Premium H13 can be produced in large cross section on Hitachi’s production facility in Yasugi, Japan using newly installed 10,000MT hydraulic open die press with twin-manipulators. This technology allows a higher ratio of forging reduction and strongly enhances impact toughness values as measured in the Charpy impact test.




Advanced Cold Work Tool Steel

Another exclusive Hitachi metal, SLD-i is an advanced cold work tool steel improving upon AISI D2 steel. Through extensive research and development, Hitachi’s expert metallurgists brings a superior product to the tool steel array.

Product Summary

SLD-i’s unique composition features small, dense, homogeneous carbide distribution, which provide it with the following unique features:

  • Small and isotropic heat treatment deformation
  • Good galling and wear resistance characteristics
  • Higher hardness ratings than that of D2/1.2379

In addition, SLD-i offers minimal dimensional change under heat, as well as shorter lead times and improved production times over standard D2 steel. When the project calls for only the best in cold work tool steel, look no further than SLD-i.

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Advanced Die Casting – NADCA Class C

Dies for “structural die casting” require unique mechanical properties to meet expectations of high toughness and wear resistance. DAC-Magic is certified to meet or exceed NADCA Class C and offers high levels of thermal conductivity to promote faster cycle times in the die cast tooling.

Today’s Low-Fe aluminum types are very aggressive to die surfaces. DAC -Magic offers premier protection from sticking and erosion washout effects. DAC-Magic High Alloyed H-type steel is uniquely alloyed to far exceed normally produced H13 types and can be applied in extreme conditions for forging applications where normal H13 will not perform.

DAC Magic H-type steels can be produced in large cross section in Hitachi’s production facility in Yasugi , Japan using newly installed 10,000MT hydraulic open die press with twin-manipulators. This technology allows a higher ratio of forging reduction and strongly enhances impact toughness values.


  • High strength at elevated temperature
  • High toughness prevents gross crack of die
  • Improved stress corrosion cracking resistance reduces crack problem from cooling channel
  • Superior machinability compared to conventional SKD61 improved steel (high toughness type)  reducing manufacturing time and total cost

Heat Crack Resistance

Compared with conventional steels, DAC-MAGIC contributes to longer die life due to better heat crack resistance.

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