CPM S90V® Powder Metal

CPM S90V® is a unique tool steel made by the Crucible Metallurgy process. It is a martensitic stainless steel with a high volume of vanadium carbides for exceptionally good wear resistance. S90V offers substantial improvements in wear resistance over 440C and D2, and other high chromium tool steels. Its corrision resistance is equal to or better than 440C. High vanadium content favors the formation of hard vanadium carbides instead of chromium carbides for wear resistance, leaving sufficient chromium in the matrix to provide good corrosion resistance.

The wear and corrosion resistance of S90V make it an excellent candidate to replace 440C where increased wear is the primary concern. It can replace D2 or other tool steels in applications where improved corrosion resistance is also of benefit.

The CPM® process results in a finer, more uniform carbide distribution imparting improved toughness and grindability to high alloy steels. The CPM® process also allows the design of more highly alloyed grades which cannot be produced by conventional steelmaking.

Due to its high vanadium carbide content, the machinability and grindability of S90V will be slightly more difficult than that of D2 or 440C. Similar grinding equipment and practices are acceptable.


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TreatmentTemperature RangeCooling/QuenchingNotes
Annealing1650° FCool slowly in still airHeat to 1650° F, hold 2 hours, slow cool at a maximum rate of 25° F per hour to 1100° F, then furnace cool or cool in still air to room temperature.
Stress Relieving1100-1300° FFurnace cool or cool in still air.For anneled parts, heat to 1100-1300° F, hold 2 hours then furnace cool or cool in still air. For hardened parts, heat to 25-50° F below original tempering temperature, hold 2 hours, then furnace cool or cool in still air.
Hardening2100-2150° FSalt quench, interrupted oil quench, positive pressure gas quench or air cool at a minimum cooling rate of 150° F per minute to below 1000° F. Cool to below 125° F before tempering.Hold time at temperature is 20 minutes.
TemperingDouble temper at 400-750° F. Hold for a minimum of 2 hours each temper. For optimum stress relieving and dimensional stability, S90V may be double tempered at 1000-1025° F, but tempering above 800° F may result in some loss of corrosion resistance. A freezing treatment may be employed between the first and second tempers if desired. Freezing treatments should always be followed by at least one temper.

PLEASE NOTE: Tempering between about 800° F and 1000° F is NOT recommended. All martensitic stainless steels suffer from embrittlement when tempered in this range.
Data is typical and should not be construed as actual values for any category.
Applications and technical information require engineers and tool designers to exercise independent judgement.