YXR Series

Matrix Type High-Speed Steel

Hitachi Metals has developed a new matrix type high speed steel with high toughness and strength. The YXR Series consists of three different grades:

  • YXR3: Tool forging with superior toughness
  • YXR33: Tool forging with greatest toughness
  • YXR7: Tool forging with both superior strength and toughness

Chemical Composition

C Cr W Mo V Co
YXR3 0.6 4.3 2.9 1.8
YXR33 0.5 4.2 1.6 2.0 1.2 1.0 or less
YXR7 0.8 4.7 1.3 5.5 1.3


YXR grade steel made by Hitachi is classified uniquely as “matrix” type steel and can be applied to forging dies and stamping dies where high toughness is absolutely necessary. YXR matrix steels are used by many OEM and Tier One Automotives for stamping and forging dies where high impact toughness is needed to reduce chipping on tool surfaces. YXR matrix steel types can be easily heat treated similar to High Speed Steels and are commonly applied to gear forging, stamping dies for AHSS, progressive forging dies, and punches.