Proprietary Metals


SLD-Magic: Superior Cold Work Tool Steel

An ideal metal for dies due to its easy machinability, reduced dimensional change from heat treatment,  and impressive durability and hardness characteristics, Hitachi’s exclusive SLD-Magic cold work tool steel is an exceptional choice for an array of die applications, including:

  • Bending and blanking dies for automotive parts
  • Blanking dies for electrical appliances
  • Hydroforming dies
  • Cold press dies

Product Features

  • Wear Resistance – SLD-Magic improves wear resistance by 35% compared to 8%Cr steel due to improved carbide morphology; this leads to improved workable mold life.
  • Surface Treatment – Adherence of surface treatments to SLD-Magic is improved by 30% over 8%Cr steel.
  • Heat Treatment – Deformation from heat treatment is reduced by 40% when compared to 8%Cr steel.
  • Machinability – Machinability is increased by 35% over 8%Cr steel.



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