Product Type

Advanced Die Casting – NADCA Class C

Dies for “structural die casting” require unique mechanical properties to meet expectations of high toughness and wear resistance. DAC-Magic is certified to meet or exceed NADCA Class C and offers high levels of thermal conductivity to promote faster cycle times in the die cast tooling.

Today’s Low-Fe aluminum types are very aggressive to die surfaces. DAC -Magic offers premier protection from sticking and erosion washout effects. DAC-Magic High Alloyed H-type steel is uniquely alloyed to far exceed normally produced H13 types and can be applied in extreme conditions for forging applications where normal H13 will not perform.

DAC Magic H-type steels can be produced in large cross section in Proterial's production facility in Yasugi , Japan using newly installed 10,000MT hydraulic open die press with twin-manipulators. This technology allows a higher ratio of forging reduction and strongly enhances impact toughness values.


  • High strength at elevated temperature
  • High toughness prevents gross crack of die
  • Improved stress corrosion cracking resistance reduces crack problem from cooling channel
  • Superior machinability compared to conventional SKD61 improved steel (high toughness type)  reducing manufacturing time and total cost

Heat Crack Resistance

Compared with conventional steels, DAC-MAGIC contributes to longer die life due to better heat crack resistance.