Flatground/Precision Ground

Minimum and Maximum Machining Capabilities

Here at Diehl, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only produce results with extreme precision, but to maintain this level of quality with an impressive allowance of sizes. In the table below, one can see both our minimum and maximum working capacities; all dimensions are measured in inches. Please contact us with any questions concerning our machining capacities and allowances.

AreaMinimum LengthMinimum WidthMinimum ThicknessMaximum LengthMaximum WidthMaximum Thickness
Large Saws4040
Production Saws0.250.250.252018
Plate Saws0.250.25144Piece Width – 2525
Small Duplex0.7870.7870.39416.9316.935.91
Small Plate Mill0.20051.131.411.8
Large Duplex4.724.720.39439.3739.3716
Large Plate Mill0.25118.15916